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The Women's Fund of Weld County, Inc. was founded in 1999 by women from the Weld County community dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. The Women's Fund was established with the purpose of creating an endowment fund.


This fund supports programs that address unmet needs of women and girls in Weld County to enable them to become self-confident, independent, contributing members of the community.  Currently the endowment balance is over $600,000.




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The Women’s Fund of Weld County is an endowment fund; a permanent source of community capital. Earnings from the Fund are used to make annual grants to programs that address unmet needs of women and girls in Weld County.

Since 1999, the Fund has grown to over $600,000 through many generous donors and successful fundraising events and has distributed grants totaling more than $311,000.

The Women's Fund is a component fund of the Weld Community Foundation which manages the endowment fund, enabling the Women’s Fund Board of Directors to concentrate on fulfilling our mission.


The Fund supports projects and programs which are sensitive to the cultural and special needs of women and enhance women's educational success and self-sufficiency. Projects which may:

  • Enable girls and women to become self-supporting through job training, education and job placement, 

  • Support women in their combined roles as workers and head of household, 

  • Focus on economic development, such as job creation 

  • Assist women and girls in career counseling, business planning and job seeking skills.

Immediate Objectives
  • Raise an initial endowment to distribute grants made from the earnings of the fund.

  • Pool the fund's assets with endowed funds located in the Weld Community Foundation in order to maximize investment return while prudently managing risk and minimizing administrative overhead.

  • Create a financial means to address gender-related problems particular to women, focusing on education for women and girls and economic self-sufficiency. 

  • Further opportunities for individuals, corporations and foundation to improve the well-being of area women and girls.

Meet The Board

Kelli Riley

Board Member

“I'm honored to serve on the board for the Women's Fund of Weld County. I have an employment law practice in Greeley, where I fight for equality and justice for women in the workplace across Northern Colorado. I'm excited to use my fighting spirit to help empower women and girls in our community."

Kelsey Vandemark

Board Member

I have always been passionate about being involved in my community. I am the person I am today because I have been in the presence of many strong women, from growing up to the present day. I appreciate being a part of an organization that allows me to make a difference and empower the women and girls of Weld County.

Emily Wiedeman

Board Treasurer

"While growing up in Northern Colorado, I was blessed to have had many positive role models in my life.  Unfortunately, I know many women and girls do not have this same support system.  This is why I am so passionate about what the Women's Fund is doing for organizations in Weld County and I am honored to serve as a board member."

Brooke Gardner

Board Member

"One of the things I like about the Women’s Fund of Weld County is you know exactly where your donation goes and how the money is used.  I’m very proud to be a part of a group that is ran so well!"

Emily Kincaid

Board Member

“Being asked to serve on the board has been a honor and I couldn’t be more impressed with the integrity of the foundation and the impact it has in our community. In 2017 I started Elevate Energy Services, an oil and gas service company, and we have thrived in Weld County now employing about 50 people. My husband and I have called Windsor, CO home for the last ten years and now our young son also calls Windsor home. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and girls locally as a volunteer for the Women’s Fund of Weld County.”

Jeanna Whipple

Board Member

 "I have been a Possibility of Three donor for five years, plus I have had a wonderful time attending the Decadent Desserts Event during the past 9 consecutive years. I wanted to do more to help women and girls in my community so I decided to join the Board of Directors.  The non-profit organizations that we award grants to are truly amazing and help in so many different ways."

Julie James

Board Member

A third-generation Colorado native, Julie was raised in Fort Collins. Julie brings nearly 30-years of marketing and advertising experience to the Women's Fund of Weld County. "I am honored to be part of this incredible group of women whose main focus is the enrichment, encouragement, and empowerment of women in Weld County."

Joy Van Den Berg

Board Member

"The world around us fights, hates, and divides while the hurting keep hurting and are in need of an extra hand.  The Weld Women's Fund provides that extra hand to the women of Weld County, providing more communities, more love, and more unity.  Coming onto the board with the Weld Women's Fund, I am overjoyed to partner with them and their vision to better the lives of women and create a safe place for communities and cultures to thrive in Weld County."

Deb Augenstein

Board Member

"I am honored to be a part of the Women’s Fund of Weld County Board.  The women who founded this endowment did a spectacular job at building it to grow while at the same time give.  I am certain that as the Women’s Fund has grown, so have the needs of the women and girls in our county.  I have lived, worked, worshiped, and raised my family in Greeley.  I am thrilled to help make a difference in the lives of women/ girls of Weld County, and also to give back to this wonderful community I am proud to say I live in."

Heather Ekre

Board Member

"So blessed to be able to donate my time to help women and girls in our community in so many ways." 

Christine Casaceli

Board Member

"I am excited to be a board member for the Women’s Fund of Weld County.  As a mother to two young daughters, I am interested in the issues facing women and girls today. I believe in the WFWC mission of empowering women and girls through programs and opportunities that they may otherwise not have access to, in order to enable them to become confident, self-sufficient, contributing members of their community. I am honored to be working with such an amazing group of women who are all dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Weld County. I look forward to helping grow the Women’s Fund so that it can reach even more women and girls."

Stephanie Crabtree

Board Secretary

"My husband, Jeff, our two teenage boys, Ryan (15) & Tyler (13) and myself own and operate Crabtree Brewing Company here in Greeley.  Both Jeff and I have lived in Weld County most of our lives and enjoy being a part of this amazing community.  I enjoy being social, hanging out with my family and friends,  and tossing back a few cold ones.  I look forward to connecting with more people while helping grow the WFWC, and the initiatives that the Women’s Fund supports."  

Linda Stone

Board Member

"I was raised in Greeley, raised my two daughters here as well, and have the pleasure of knowing many amazing women here, so the women and girls of Weld County are dear to my heart. I am so grateful to be at a point in my life where I can try to offer something of myself to this wonderful organization, and hope I can give as much as I think I will probably gain for the experience." 


Julia Nisly

Board President

"Growing up in Weld County, I believe that I have a unique perspective on the needs of women and girls of this region. From an early age, I have had a passion to give my time and resources for programs such as The Women’s Fund of Weld County that focuses on giving a hand up and not a hand out. Nothing is more important to me than providing opportunities that benefit women and girls in our very own community."

Carrie Walker

Board Vice President

"It is an honor to be a member of the Board of the Women’s Fund of Weld County.  As a mother of two grown daughters, I am excited to be involved with an organization where I can give back and provide a positive influence for the girls and women of Weld County!"

Katie Shilts

Past Board President

"I volunteer on the Women’s Fund of Weld County’s board because I love the impact the fund has across the broad spectrum of issues women and girls face. "When you’re looking for a fund with meaningful, innovative impact, the Women’s Fund is where it’s at!"


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